PRN Dry Eye Omega Supplement, 270 Count

PRN Dry Eye Omega Supplement, 270 Count
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Price: $179.95
(as of Aug 11,2020 19:29:55 UTC – Details)

SUPERIOR PROPRIETARY BLEND: Includes vitamin D3, triglyceride fish oils, and fatty acids DHA and EPA, which are metabolized and absorbed efficiently. These gel supplements are useful for red eyes, sting, burn, scratchy or gritty feeling, and discomfort wearing contact lenses or visual difficulties performing everyday tasks.
LONG LASTING DRY EYE RELIEF: The use of proper omega-3 nutrition for 90 days, either in liquid or in soft gel form, leads to healthy tear film restoration and normalized oil glands while long term use results in healthy ocular surface.
SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: PRN products are manufactured in an NSF-certified and cGMP-compliant facility in Norway, where each batch undergoes third-party testing for purity and safety. Our proprietary molecular distillation process guarantees the removal of toxins.
ENHANCED OCULAR HEALTH: PRN provides specialty omega-3 products and nutritional supplements which are recommended by doctors in order to enhance the long-term ocular health of their patients. Moreover, they contribute beneficial support to the eyes, joints, bones, cardiovascular system, and more.