Nourishing Cream for Body, Body Lightening Cream 2 Pack

Nourishing Cream for Body, Body Lightening Cream 2 Pack
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Starting from beauty of a day !
Item Type:  Body Cream
Apply to: Waist, abdomen, hips, thigh legs and arms, armpit, elbow, knee
Package Weight: 60 g
Package include: 2 x Body Cream
Please do not apply to wounded or inflamed skin. This product is only suitable for infact skin.
It is recommended to perform a small range sensitivity test before use.
Please store the product in cool place and away from children. 
How to use: 
1. Use a proper amount of product in the morning and massage the gel in a circular motion until the skin is completely absorbed after cleaning the skin
2. In the evening, after shower, you can apply proper amount of the cream on body where you want lightening area stay 10-15minutes and then massage 30 seconds for double effects.
The combination of special formula and effective ingredients makes this cream your best choice. Deep into the skin, moisten, desalinate, compact and tender skin, desalinate melanin, remove odor, remove melanin.
【INGREDIENTS】- Contains a variety of extraction essence, which are safe, mild, natural, skin-friendly, non-toxic and harmless to your skin.
【Best For】-Suitable to be used on areola, armpit, nipple and other private body parts. Instant lightening tone in skin surface, smooth the skin and give your body the charming color pink. It is also safe for oily, dry and combination skin types.
【Usage】-After cleaning the skin, take appropriate amount of this product. Apply evenly to skin, gently massage until fully absorbed. It helps to remove excess melanin from the skin surface and remove cutin and dirt from the pores. After bathing, it can be applied to the skin and can also be used as body lotion.
【Advanced and Unique Skin Lightening】-Features an advanced brightening complex of Skin Peptide & plant-based ingredients that visibly improve dull & uneven skin, returning a radiant youthful glow. It helps to discharge excess melanin and darkening on the skin surface and remove the keratin and dirt from the pores.Correct excess pigmentation caused by tanning, hormones or hair removal.