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    ✿NEWKEY MULTIFUNCTIONAL PHOTOTHERAPY MASK: The light therapy mask is made of medical LED beads and has a specific wavelength to treat different skin problem. Each color of light can cure a common skin disease. Safe, gentle, not stimulating! please feel free to buy with confidence!
    ✿ THE SEQUENCE OF 7 COLORS IS: Red Light(650NM)-Increased Blood Flow and Collagen Production| Green Light(527NM)-Improve Pigmentation, Anti-Aging| Blue Light(463NM)-Kills acne and Tightens Skin| Clear Blue Light(510NM)- Soothing,Can Help Allergies skin| Yellow Light(590NM)- Smoothes Skin and Reduces Redness| Purple Light(600NM)- Relaxing, Improves Lymph Metabolism| CYAN(470NM)- Accelerate Tissue Metabolism. Are you still hesitant to buy LED acne mask with such a complete function?
    ✿MORE LIGHTWEIGHT FACE MASK DESIGN : NEWKEY MASK PRO, you will feel an unprecedented lightness when you use this mask. We designed a bandage which distributes the weight of the mask to your head. At the same time, we have upgraded the design of the eye pad. It made of super soft silicone as the material. The pad is close to your eye skin, and will not leave a gap. It will not make your vision blurred, and will not leave any indentation or marks on the bridge of your nose.